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Operations Setup

Axelia Partners was founded to help international companies address the complexities of expanding into the U.S. market, and this remains a cornerstone of our business today. We begin with a clear understanding of each client’s desired business outcomes, and then, working in close collaboration with our clients, Axelia Partners can:

  • Coordinate with legal counsel to facilitate incorporation
  • Launch and support a framework for ongoing business administration, open bank accounts and e-commerce merchant accounts, secure office space, and provide a U.S. address until an office is opened
  • Assist in the process of obtaining work visas and relocating executives
  • Identify best options for insurance coverage (e.g., Workers Compensation, General and Professional Liabilities, Directors and Officers, etc.)
  • Coordinate U.S. hires onboarding support

Once your new U.S. entity is set up, Axelia Partners administers your everyday administrative operations. Learn more about our Administration and Accounting Services.

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