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Talent Search and Recruitment

When your company is ready to hire new staff, Axelia Partners can assist you with your search and recruitment process throughout North America. The dedicated professionals who make up our talent search and recruiting team have years of experience in corporate human resources and in talent search consulting, both in the US and in Europe.

Like a traditional recruiting agencies, we use effective methods to tailor our recruiting services to our clients’ needs. But we go a step further. Our cross-Atlantic business expertise comes from years of experience working with European companies who have invested in the U.S., and we understand the cultural differences between the two continents. With this background, we are uniquely positioned to recruit top talents who not only have the right skills and experience, but who also are the right fit your particular organization so they actively contribute to your success in the U.S.

Our Commitment
  • We are your partner in the search and recruitment process. Our professionals work diligently and communicate daily with your teams, ensuring an open and transparent process.
  • We help you find suitable candidates quickly. If you are a client of Axelia’s business solution services, we already know your organization inside and out, and can use this understanding to act efficiently on your recruiting needs. If you are a new client, we work quickly to get to know your organization, your policies, and your strategic vision.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to help your organization to navigate complex cultural environments while adapting to cross-Atlantic business differences.
Our Search Approach

From job scoping to the final hiring decision, our team offers a comprehensive talent search solution that keeps the entire recruiting process within a competitive pricing schedule.
Graphic showing Axelia Partners' approach to talent search

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Next Step

Once you have hired the right people for your U.S. entity, Axelia Partners can advise regarding compensation and benefits and administer your payroll. Learn more about our Compensation and Benefits Services and our Payroll Administration Services.



We are currently recruiting for these positions:
  • Clinical Account Managers – Global medical device company: Two full time positions, 3 yrs of experience as application specialist/sales rep. Medical or technical degree. One based in Miami, FL, the other in New York, NY.
  • Senior Sales Manager – Computer software company, provider of cognitive search and analytics platform to Fortune 2000 companies and government agencies. Full time, 5-10 yrs of experience in enterprise software sales to financial institutions, preferably in big data analytics. Based in New York, NY.
  • AP/AR Specialist: Full time, 2 yrs of accounting experience. Proficient in QuickBooks with strong Microsoft Excel skills. Accounting degree required. Based in Cambridge, MA
  • Office Manager – Biopharmaceutical company: Full time position, responsible for day to day operations of the office as well as supporting the executive management team. Experience in healthcare required. French language is a plus, based in Cambridge, MA.
  • Executive/Administrative Assistant – Medical devices company: Part time position, responsible for daily administrative tasks as well as supporting the company’s CEO. Basic knowledge of French required, based in Cambridge, MA.
  • J1 Accounting Trainee – Management Services Company: Full time position. Responsibilities include daily operations of clients. Bachelor’s degree or professional certificate, and at least 1 yr of accounting experience requested. Candidate must be eligible for the J-1 Trainee program. Based in Cambridge, MA.

Interested by one of these opportunities? Use this Form and mention the position you are considering. You can also apply by sending us an email at




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