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Tax Compliance

All companies doing business in the U.S. must comply with complex federal, state and local tax requirements. Axelia Partners provides you with the services to efficiently minimize risks and manage your tax compliance. Our professionals constantly monitor changes in regulation and proactively suggest tax adjustments when required, providing long lasting peace of mind.

The tax professionals at Axelia Partners will ensure that you conduct business in full compliance with all regulations by properly implementing your:

  • Corporate tax
  • Payroll withholding taxes
  • Sales tax (valued added tax)
  • Specialty taxes you may be eligible for (e.g., medical device tax)

Additionally, Axelia Partners can be your go-to expert for assistance with federal, state and local tax audits. We also provide on-demand advisory services to address tax compliance complexities in specific situations. As an example, we will ensure your tax compliance regarding international transactions thanks to our comprehensive experience in the area of cross-Atlantic tax treaties.  Learn more about our Inter-Company Policies and Expatriation Support.


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