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Axelia Partners advises on employee compensation and and benefits
Compensation and Benefits

Axelia Partners helps customers to build compliant, cost-effective and attractive compensation and benefits packages for their employees. This can be a challenge for many international companies seeking to do business in the U.S., where employee expectations and labor laws are unique. For example, while hiring employees in the U.S. may seem simple, finding top talents is not. Then, terminating non-performing employees can be difficult for those unfamiliar with current U.S. and state labor laws. In addition, overall labor costs may be more than expected; lower base salaries in certain markets are offset by the expense of health care coverage and retirement plans.

Axelia Partners can:

  • Assist you in navigating the complexity of U.S. benefit plans, help you understand their options, and ensure you make the best possible choice to align with your immediate and future needs and resources
  • Develop salary and benefit packages for local employees in accordance with local employment regulations
  • Provide offer letter templates and refer to law firms for employment contracts when required
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of U.S. labor laws so that you remain informed and compliant at all times
  • Provide counseling regarding the U.S. employment market, which has fewer employment laws than most European markets, but offers greater challenges when it comes to people development, incentives and retention schemes, and discrimination laws

Once you have the appropriate compensation and benefits package, Axelia Partners helps set up and administer your payroll if needed. Learn more about our Payroll Administration Services.


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