Services: Operations Setup

Axelia Partners helps French companies set up operations across the Atlantic
Setup of U.S. subsidiary’s operations

Axelia Partners was founded to help international companies address the complexities of expanding into the U.S. market. Operations setup remains a cornerstone of our business today. We begin the process with a clear understanding of each client’s desired business outcomes, and then, working in close collaboration with our clients, Axelia Partners can help with:

  • Coordinate with legal counsel to facilitate incorporation
  • Launch and support a framework for ongoing business administration, open bank accounts and e-commerce merchant accounts, secure office space, and provide a U.S. address until an office is opened
  • Assist in the process of obtaining work visas and relocating executives
  • Identify best options for insurance coverage (e.g., Workers Compensation, General and Professional Liabilities, Directors and Officers, etc.)
  • Coordinate U.S. hires onboarding support

Once your new U.S. entity is set up, Axelia Partners administers your everyday administrative operations. Learn more about our Administration and Accounting Services.


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