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Our Management Team
Axelia Partners’ team consists of talented and dedicated experts, including CFO-level principals, tax professionals, staff accountants, and human resource specialists. Our international team has extensive experience both in Europe and the U.S., which makes us ideally suited to respond to the needs of our clients. Our team members are knowledgeable about compliance requirements and work consistently to protect the interests and reputation of your business. We are also able to mobilize trusted partners across specific industries as required. Meet Axelia Partners’ management team  

Alexandra Suhas, Partner at Axelia Partners
Alexandra Suhas
Amna Atiq, Account Manager at Axelia Partners
Amna Atiq
Account Manager New York
Anas Marrakchi, Senior account Manager and NY Branch Director
Anas Marrakchi
New York Office Director
Carine Jamal-Eddine
Carine Jamal-Eddine
Payroll Director

Céline Tariel, Talent Acquisition Director at Axelia Partners
Céline Tariel
Talent Acquisition Director
Estelle Pellegrin, VP of Operations & CFO
Estelle Pellegrin
VP of Operations & CFO
Ina Mehmeti, Payroll Manager à Axelia Partners
Ina Mehmeti
Payroll Manager
Jake Balling, Account Manager
Jake Balling
Account Manager, Boston

Joy Marie Murphy, Senior Account Manager
Joy Marie Murphy
Senior Account Manager, Boston
Juhin Rajani, Talent Acquisition Manager
Juhin Rajani
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Polina Paunova, Senior Account Manager in Boston
Polina Paunova
Senior Account Manager, Boston
Philippe Suhas, Partner
Philippe Suhas

Raphaël de Roubin
Raphaël de Roubin
VP Advisory
Regina Chio, Account Manager at Axelia Partners
Regina Chio
Account Manager, Boston
Séverine Bussière, Account Manager at Axelia Partners in Boston
Séverine Bussière
Account Manager, Boston
Victoria Lown, Account Manager
Victoria Lown
Account Manager, Boston


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