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Axelia Partners, formerly Marie Landel & Associates, has worked with more than 500 international companies, across innovative industries, including information technology, medical and life sciences, media, ecommerce, manufacturing and retail. Regardless of the industry, the core requirement of each of these clients has been the same: leverage the comprehensive services offered by Axelia Partners to successfully establish and grow business operations in the U.S.

What Our Clients Say

Many clients trust Axelia Partners to resolve the complexity of establishing, running and growing their businesses in the U.S. Read what a few of them say about our company.


Axelia Partners and Aldebaran


Established in 2005, with offices in France, China, Japan and the United States, Aldebaran designs, produces and sells interactive and emotional humanoid robots. Aldebaran currently has over 450 employees involved in the development and production of robots. Aldebaran believes in a future where interactive, communicating robots will accompany humans in their jobs, their homes and with their hobbies, their family life. Today Aldebaran has three robots: NAO, Pepper and Romeo.

For over four years Aldebaran has relied on Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, to handle a variety of functions for our business in the Americas.  Thanks to their expertise and domain knowledge in administration, accounting, HR and fiscal requirements, MLA’s team enabled Aldebaran to focus on its core mission of opening up the Americas market to humanoid robotics.  In addition, the MLA team has always been responsive to our requests, providing excellent service.

Eric Stevenson, Director for the Americas


Axelia Partners and Bertin


Bertin Technologies develops, produces and markets high-added-value services, equipment and software across the globe for the energy and environment, defense and security, life sciences, and aerospace sectors.

One of the challenges we faced each time we established an entity in a new country was building the best team and hiring local employees. When the time came to expand in the U.S., an increasingly competitive market for talents, we turned to Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, to support our international expansion. Axelia Partners, helped us in the relocation process of Bertin Technologies’ COO, from France to the US, by providing a clear analysis of the taxation of his US package and accompanying his first relocation steps.” 

Bruno Vallayer, VP Marketing and Sales



Axelia Partners and dailymotion


dailymotion is one of the biggest aggregation and distribution video platforms in the world, and the most popular European site. The company offers an international catalog of tens of millions of HD videos across all digital devices, provides free access to live content, and allows its users to watch free or on-demand movies, series or creative and exclusive. dailymotion attracts 128 million monthly unique visitors on its website, has almost 300 million users who watch a video through its video player monthly, and records over 2.5 billion video views every month.

Back in 2007 Marie Landel & Associates helped dailymotion to establish a Inc. company in the US in order to accelerate its U.S. development and deal with all administrative and finance key topics: tax, accounting, HR or corporate affairs. Within eight years the two companies have developed a very strong partnership and Marie Landel has always been providing a very valuable support to dailymotion. Marie Landel is now a must tax & accounting partner. The solid expertise and the large network it has built is key for any digital and rapidly growing European players entering the U.S. market. We are excited to move on to Axelia Partners!”

Fabrice Cantou, CFO


Axelia Partners and EOS imaging


EOS imaging designs, develops and  markets an innovative medical imaging system dedicated to osteoarticular pathologies and orthopaedics, as well as associated solutions. Its patented medical imaging system, EOS®, is based on technology that enabled Georges Charpak to win the Nobel Prize for Physics.

After a very positive experience in a first company with Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, we naturally went back to them when we decided to develop EOS imaging US operations. The team has been and remains a great partner in growing a strong and sustainable business with an adequate support that we could jointly adapt as we grew.

Marie Meynadier, CEO


Axelia and Michel & Augustin


Michel & Augustin is a French brand of food created in 2005, with cookies baked and enjoyed in 23 countries. The company is continuously perfecting recipes for cookies, sharable desserts, drinkable yogurts and juices.

Expanding our footprint into the U.S. was a critical step in our growth strategy. Thanks to Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, we were able to quickly establish operations, successfully tackle unfamiliar payroll and tax compliance issues, and efficiently streamline reporting to the parent company.” 

Augustin Paluel-Marmont, Co-Founder and CEO


Axelia Partners and Neolane


Neolane, now Adobe Campaign, provides a set of solutions that help marketers personalize and deliver campaigns across online and offline marketing channels.

“Partnering with Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, accelerated our establishment in the U.S. and allowed us to focus on our core business and drive hyper-growth.”

Stephan Dietrich, Founder and President North America


Axelia Partners and Withings


Withings leads the connected health revolution, creating products and services that empower people to track their lifestyle and improve their everyday well-being for a better long-term health.

” As our startup built momentum in the U.S., it was critical that our small team was able to focus its efforts on expanding Withings brand, Partnerships and Retail footprint . With the help of Marie Landel & Associates, now Axelia Partners, we have been able to get our business up and running quickly, and we now have a solid base from which we can compliantly grow in the future.

Cedric Hutchings, Co-Founder


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