Guide: The benefits of a company employee handbook

Woman flipping pages of an employee handbook
The benefits of a well-crafted company employee handbook are many. Having one is a good business practice for any firm operating in the US. Think of it as a corporate rulebook, but it can be so much more for your organization.

Who benefits from an employee handbook

When well-crafted, an employee handbook is beneficial for both employers and employees. For employers, it sets clear procedures and policies, thereby offering a level of protection in the event of a lawsuit. For employees, a handbook communicates what they can expect from the organization and what is expected of them. Moreover, by presenting new employees with a handbook during the onboarding process, employers also demonstrate a level of professionalism. It is an indication that the company is organized, compliant, helpful, and caring toward employees.

Reasons to have a company employee handbook

Any French company operating in the US should consider the many benefits to maintaining an official employee handbook:

    1. It introduces new employees to the culture, mission, and values of the organization.
    2. It communicates the company’s benefits and policies consistently to employees.
    3. It provides employees with clear and consistent expectations (e.g., professionalism in the workplace, dress code, workplace violence, drug and alcohol use, sexual harassment policies, etc.)
    4. It helps prevent discrimination, and encourages equality in the workplace.
    5. It establishes clear guidelines to employees on how to report incidents of discrimination or sexual harassment to the employer, as well as to law enforcement or other relevant state or federal authorities.
    6. It strengthens the employer’s position in the case of an employee termination, and may reduce damages should the terminated employee file a claim or lawsuit.
    7. It helps the employer remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations.
How to get started with an employee handbook

Creating an employee handbook is a daunting task; keeping it up-to-date and compliant with federal and local laws can be a challenge, especially if operating in multiple states. The process can also get expensive if not handled properly. Axelia Partners’ HR Compliance Services team can help limit your litigation risks by crafting an effective employee handbook and keeping it compliant at a competitive cost.

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