team: Kaella Clements

Kaella Clements, Assistant Payroll Director at Axelia PartnersKaella Clements, Assistant Payroll Director – HR Solutions

Kaella Clements joined Axelia Partners in 2016 as a payroll administrator. She was promoted to Payroll Manager, and more recently to Assistant Payroll Director. She manages a large variety of intricate payroll portfolios and devotes herself to a hands-on, timely, and personalized approach to client relations. Additionally, Kaella provides clients with our HR compliance basic services, comprised of employee handbooks and various employee & employer trainings, including but not limited to mandatory anti-harassment and contagious illness trainings.

Prior to Axelia Partners, Kaella worked in the greater Boston area for six years in CPA firms specializing in individual tax preparation. During that time, her expertise grew to entity- and fiduciary-level tax preparation, payroll processing, and accounting.

Kaella’s knowledge of the tax implications from both the employee and employer sides gives her a unique perspective during payroll processing. Her experience also enables her to work harmoniously with Axelia Partners’ team members as she understands the strains of each department.

Language: English

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